With 126,000 companies generating a total GVA in excess of £69.6 million, the Leeds City Region is an emerging global economic powerhouse.

With 109,000 companies generating a total GVA in excess of £69.6 million, the Leeds City Region is an emerging global economic powerhouse.

As the UK's largest city region outside our nation's capital, we offer an independently successful economic centre that's unique in its own right - especially in core growth sectors like our £13 billion Financial and Professional Services and £7 billion Manufacturing industries.

Over 30 national and international banks and building societies are based here, alongside Britain’s fastest growing legal sector, making Leeds City Region the UK’s leading centre for financial and professional services outside of London.

Leeds City Region is also a leader in digital technology, healthcare and innovation and enjoys a global reputation for its advanced manufacturing, R&D and product development capabilities.

This growth is supported by the region’s nine universities – the largest concentration of higher education institutions outside of London, producing world-leading research and 39,000 skilled graduates each year.

Robust and resilient

Because Leeds City Region’s economic growth is spread over a broad spectrum of companies with niche strengths in our core growth sectors, we present more opportunities for rapid, sustained growth and genuine competitive edge in business.

That’s why the Leeds City Region economy grew by 40% in the last decade, despite global recession. Employment also rose by 11,000 since 2011, and since 2012 developments like Leeds’ £350 million Trinity shopping centre and Bradford’s award-winning City Park have opened in defiance of unfavourable global economic conditions.

Leeds City Region presents a dynamic yet secure opportunity for national and international businesses investment.

The largest growth deal in the UK

In July 2014, UK government announced its historic £1 billion Local Growth Deal to create tens of thousands of new jobs and accelerate economic growth across the entire city region.

Over six years, the Leeds City Region will receive £573 million – the largest allocation to any region – to expand training, housing and infrastructure for continued economic development. The region will receive a further £420 million over 20 years to deliver the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund for rail and road improvements. Our specific centres of excellence will also benefit, for example, York's biotech sector will get a national agri-food campus that will create 800 new jobs.

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An engine of growth in the North

In partnership with Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield, the Leeds City Region is at the heart of transforming connectivity and unleashing the economic potential of the North. Long-term investment projects like national high-speed rail links HS2 and the northern hub mean faster and more reliable journeys in the future, across a combined economic area of 15 million people.

Better connectivity will also bring a £7.8 billion boost to the Leeds City Region economy, with countless new opportunities for businesses in support infrastructure and employment projects.

How Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership can help you

At Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership we have access to the hard economic statistics and compelling case studies that you need to influence stakeholders. Our dedicated team of industry experts offer practical help with your proposal, and present compelling reasons to senior decision-makers about why you should choose to locate in the Leeds City Region. Contact us for more information about opportunities within the Leeds City Region economy.