WIFI for Wakefield Shopping Centre

The shopping centre launched the service so that customers can now get online on their smartphones and laptops quickly and easily while in the premises with just a click of a button.

Cllr Denise Jeffery, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Skills, believes the free WIFI is great news for Trinity Walk shoppers and for Wakefield, commenting:

�We hope that Trinity Walk�s new offer of free WIFI will enable even more residents to have access to the internet, helping Wakefield residents to get connected.�

Cormac Hamilton, centre manager at Trinity Walk, added: �WIFI is something people expect, and it is fantastic Trinity Walk is now able to offer this for free in the heart of Wakefield.�

�Trinity Walk free WIFI� will now appear on people�s devices, simply log in and away it goes. The WIFI service is provided by Inkspotwifi.