West Yorkshire Firm to Export to Norway

Notura is a multi-billion pound agricultural co-operative founded in 2006, owned by 18,800 farmers in Norway and is the country�s largest producer of meat and eggs.

The textiles division, which collects and bales wool from the co-operative�s livestock, has invested �110k in a Whitham Mills designed system, including a 50RBB high-capacity wool baler along with 900mm wide feed conveyor and cart tipper for its plant in the town of F�rde, on the country�s Atlantic coast.

The system, designed and built in the UK, can operate at up to 50 tonnes per day and is the 5th installation Whitham Mills has completed for the company in Norway.

Ben Smart, managing director at Whitham Mills, said: �This deal is part of a long-standing relationship we have with Notura and we have always proved to be their first port of call when they require new waste management equipment.

�Repeat business is always very welcome as it is built on trust and reputation. Our systems can work anywhere in the world and export sales are a part of the business we have a strategy to grow.�

Magnus Wahlgren, manager technical development at Nortura, added: �Once again Whitham Mills has delivered a wool baler of the absolute highest quality. Working at 100 per cent capacity on day one, the installation is a further investment which increases the effectiveness of our plants. This is especially important with the handling of wool, as it generates the highest possible price for their product.

�Whitham Mills have handled the project from the start, to the completion of installation with the highest level of professionalism.�