Weetwood Hall �AIMs Higher�

The team at Weetwood Hall Hotel and Conference Centre in Leeds are deservedly raising their glasses for a third consecutive occasion, in toast of achieving the prestigious AIM (Accredited In Meetings) Gold accreditation from MIA (Meetings Industry Association), not once, not twice, but three times in a row.

AIM is the UK�s nationally-recognised standard for accredited venues in the conference, meetings and events industry. It is an industry-recognised mark of excellence, which proves to customers that an organisation is truly �compliant, capable and competent.�

MIA assessor David Battersby praised Weetwood for its major emphasis on strong and well-considered approaches to business planning, including planned maintenance, service delivery and continuous improvement.

�A wide variety of means are used to identify customer needs, including MIA �Touchstone� Research, manage high levels of customer service and benchmark performance against best practice to ensure guest satisfaction and planned business improvement,� Mr Battersby said in the MIA AIM Higher Accreditation Feedback Report.

The MIA assessor also commended the �strong spirit� of the Weetwood team and their �sound understanding of the standards of performance expected of them.�

Maintaining an ethos to promote environmental awareness within the organisation, MIA was also impressed by the fact during the last year Weetwood Hall has managed to cut carbon emissions by 20% per employee, decrease water consumption by 3.7% and increase recycling by 34%.

When Weetwood Hall was given the Gold AIM certification for the first time, it was the first venue in the North to be awarded with the prestigious accreditation.

The four-star Leeds hotel has broken records once more, being the first venue in the North of England to achieve AIM Gold status three times.

Peter Dodd, General Manager of Weetwood Hall: �As the new General Manager it is a great privilege to be in charge of a hotel that is the first to achieve re accreditation three times. It shows what a great place Weetwood Hall is. �