UK's largest power station to save 20 million tonnes of carbon emissions

The power station which provides between 7-8% of the UK's electiricty need, started burning sustainable biomass in two of its generating units 10 years ago.

Drax is now working to convert its third generating unit to sustainable biomass and aims to reduce its annual carbon emissions by around 12 million tonnes a year. This is equivalent to taking 3.3 million cars off the UK�s roads or making the UK�s entire industrial and manufacturing sector zero carbon� � with sustainable biomass providing a carbon saving of approximately 86 per cent compared to coal-fired generation.

Latest estimates now show that the power station could have saved 50 million tonnes by the end of 2017.

Dorothy Thompson, Chief Executive of Drax Group commented: �This latest milestone data underscores the low carbon credentials of sustainable biomass. In a relatively short period of time Drax has delivered major carbon savings, while continuing to provide reliable, secure and good value renewable power.

�This data also gives an indication of the scale of the contribution sustainable biomass will make to meeting the UK�s carbon reduction targets. Drax is already Europe�s largest decarbonisation project, and we believe that there is potential for significant additional carbon savings through the conversion of further units.""