One Medical Group secures NHS contract

The healthcare premises provider has been contracted, for three years of service, to manage the Derby Urgent Care Centre.

The Yorkshire firm employs over 250 people, has a �42m healthcare property portfolio, an annual turnover of over �10m and has dealt with over 2.7 million patient contacts, since it was established.

One Medical Group delivers a patient first approach for NHS contracts and GP premises support services, including integrated management information and centralised back office functions, across the UK.

The new contract in Derby means NHS services will be able to ease the pressure on local A&E departments, with the sites projected to see over 72,000 patients a year, delivering care to people with minor, non-life threatening injuries.

Rachel Beverley-Stevenson, chief executive of One Medical Group, said: �As a team we are thrilled to win this new expanded multi-site contract in Derby. We will use our experience in the area to maximise engagement with patients, clients, staff and NHS commissioners for a new generation of better healthcare premises and services. We look forward to building on our hard work to deliver excellent quality, patient centred care to the Derby community.�