Leeds mental health campaign in UK first

MindMate will be seen on perimeter boards on the Football Manager game, using geotargetting so they�re only shown to people playing the game in the city.

The website which has been developed by NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, as part of the �Future in Mind: Leeds� strategy to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

The 8 second, clickable digital pitch-side ads will be shown during game simulations and launch in Football Manager 2018 today.

�In the coming months we will be hoping to reach as many young people in the city as possible to make them aware of the help available via MindMate,� explained Dr Jane Mischenko, commissioning lead for children & maternity services at NHS Leeds CCG.

�Mental health and wellbeing is an important subject for children and young people, so our aim is to signpost MindMate as a resource that they can turn to for support and advice when the time suits them.�

Simon Mitchell, CCO at Bidstack, which offers in-game advertising on Football Manager, added:

�Bidstack is delighted to be working with the NHS and MindMate to raise awareness and support of mental health issues in young people; males in particular are hard to reach and engage, and the gaming environment in Football Manager is a great way to connect with them.�

This is just part of a series of campaigns over the next six months to drive awareness of the resources available.