Leeds is a thriving creative city

Leeds is a thriving, creative, exiting city full of art, theatre, dance, food, music and diversity, making it an incredible place to live, visit, play and work - this is why we decided to establish Duck Soup in Leeds.

International companies have shown their confidence in Leeds and Yorkshire�s talent and capabilities by investing in companies like ours. C4 moving to Leeds would not only hugely benefit the city region but also reinforce the fact, nationally and internationally, that, as a whole, the UK has much more to offer than the sometimes-limited lens of the London bubble. It�s time to recognise the creative drive, wealth of experience and expertise that Leeds and surrounding cities have to offer.

Duck Soup was founded by producers Bekki Wray-Rogers, Libby Durdy & Jessica Holyland in 2015, whose previous credits include the multi-Bafta award winning This is England and Utopia series', and theatrical films Four Lions and The Stone Roses: Made of Stone. The indie is currently developing a slate of projects in tv drama, film and comedy with international appeal. Earlier this year Duck Soup Films received investment from Fremantle Media, who acquired a 25% stake in the company.