Leeds� Film & TV Industries Are Gathering A New Momentum

Leeds City Region has always had a vibrant film and television industry, however over the last 5 years it�s been gathering a new momentum. Since its launch in 2012, Prime Studios has proved to be the premier media production facility in Yorkshire for primetime television drama and feature films. We provide local and visiting national/international production companies with studio space, offices, makeup/wardrobe facilities and props storage. Prime Studios is located on Kirkstall Road just a stone�s throw from ITV Yorkshire.

We�ve been fortunate to work with so many amazing and returning clients including writer Kay Mellor�s Leeds based company Rollem productions, who have a permanent office at Prime Studios. BBC, ITV, Scott-Free productions, Heyday Films, Leftbank Pictures, Mammoth Screen, Kudos Television, Daisybeck Studios, Drama Republic, Phantom Films to name just a few.

There is a real creative drive that has brought a new-found confidence with more inward investment than ever before. Proof that the new confidence is being taken seriously. If Channel 4 moved to Leeds they would be moving into a city and region with some of the most talented and creative folk in the land no better place to be in my book. Not to mention the unbeatable transport links due to Leeds central location in the country.

Aye up Channel 4�. Welcome to Leeds welcome to Yorkshire!