Leeds City Region manufacturer signs eco-deal with M&S

The company is working with the retailer to repurpose linen material from the hotel industry to create a sustainable bags.

The company has grown in recent months to become a 24-hour-a-day operation, with rotas of teams working on the order.

In conjunction with M&S, Infinity Apparel has produced 36,500 bags since the start of the project.

Managing director John Carden said :""Being approached by a leading brand such as Marks and Spencer demonstrates the opportunity, creativity and innovation in the Leeds City Region manufacturing sector - we're getting the message out more concisely than ever before.

""This project was a great opportunity for us to stretch ourselves creatively and after research and testing, a completely recycled bag was established as the best practical use for the material"".

Tim Hoyle of Marks and Spencer said: ""Reclaiming material and manufacturing a useful product from it to retail in our stores was an ambitious project and we're pleased that all the unused material is being recycled - so there is zero waste.""