Leeds based firms technology acclaimed on US TV show

The regenerative medical devices company, based in Leeds City Region, said the US programme, �The Balancing Act�, highlighted the role DermaPure played in saving 18-year-old Marty Smithson�s leg.

Dr Marc Robins, a specialist in wound and hyperbaric medicine from Salt Lake City, Utah, was on the programme, discussing recent medical advancements, including DermaPure, to manage challenging cases ranging from trauma wounds to treating diabetic foot ulcers.

Antony Odell, CEO of Tissue Regenix, commented, ""This programme highlights the tremendous advance represented by DermaPure and its capacity to heal many types of wounds, including old chronic wounds which are traditionally more challenging to treat.

�DermaPure has performed extremely well both in our study into acute wounds and across many other type of wounds arising from conditions such as traumatic injury, skin infections, and post-surgical deficits remaining after cancer removal. The efficacy of DermaPure has been tested in some incredibly tough cases by clinicians across America and this particular case provides another example of why we have such confidence in our product.""