Bruntwood employs seat warmers for hot desking facilities

Customers at Leeds� largest collaborative workspace will be offered a seat warming service during the coldest months of the year, in which the �Bruntwood Buns� will occupy customers� seats for 15 minutes before they arrive, at no extra cost.

The service will be available to businesses in their own office space and those using the co-working and shared facilities.

Following the success of the �Bruntwood Buns� trial, the company will look to develop an automated service, using a smartphone app, allowing customers to remotely heat their seats before arriving at work.

Craig Burrow, director at Bruntwood in Leeds, said: �No one likes walking into a cold office in the middle of winter and our research showed that employees are more efficient first thing in the morning if they are greeted by a warm office environment.

�We plan to trial the seat warming service at City House from October � March 2017, and if successful, we�ll look to roll it out across all of our buildings in Leeds and begin development on an app for smartphones.�

City House customers will also be able to book the seat warming service for meeting rooms.

Editors note - This is a special April Fools story