Bradford business makes payments at the Rio Olympics a breeze

Bradford-based John McLear was already a successful technology entrepreneur in the education sector when he invented the NFC Ring as a way to avoid having to carry keys and a wallet.

�John iterated through hundreds of prototypes (the early ones being 3D printed) and eventually ended up launching the first rings with a Kickstarter campaign back in 2013,� says NFC Ring�s Brand Director Chris Leach.

The initial ring raised �241,000 in crowdfunding and was recently followed by an updated 2016 model. In addition to opening doors, it can be used to unlock smartphones and transfer contact information � like a kind of �wearable business card.� The Olympics will be one of the first times it has been used for payments.

While there are other NFC-enabled rings on the market, Leach doesn�t see them as real competition. �We invented this technology and application. Other �NFC enabled smart rings� (we actually own the trademark for the term �NFC Ring�!) are simply copycats, and mostly only care about making a quick buck

�You know you are on to a good thing when there are cheap copies available all over the internet before you�ve even fully released your first version!�