Best of All Worlds message taken to London

The message that the Leeds City Region offers the �Best of all Worlds� is being taken to London.

Created to raise awareness of the benefits of living, working and doing business in the Leeds City Region, The �Best of all Worlds� campaign builds on the momentum of recent investment and relocation successes, including Channel 4.

The campaign reinforces the Leeds City Region�s position as a growing economy where people can build a career, a business and a great life.

�Best of all Worlds� contains a range of vibrant images that celebrate Leeds City Region at work and play. They have been chosen to challenge perceptions and remind those who have lived, studied or visited of the outstanding lifestyle and business opportunities we can offer.

Bank, Euston, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, Old Street and St James Park underground stations are among the advertising locations for the campaign, which is targeting national and international business leaders, decision makers, Government, media and other influencers. Advertising is also appearing at sites in Westminster and Whitehall.

The imagery will also be shared across the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership and West Yorkshire Combined Authority�s social media channels with the hashtag #bestofallworlds.

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, said:

�Those of us living and working in the Leeds City Region already know that we have the best of all worlds and this campaign is about making sure Government, decision-makers, investors and business leaders know that too.

�Our track record of inward investment success demonstrates the growing recognition that the Leeds City Region is where people can enjoy great, fulfilling and successful careers and where businesses can thrive while enjoying a great quality of life.�

The campaign directs people to find out more at