A world class destination for FDI

�EY are not the first to recognise the momentum gathering in the Leeds City Region where we have:

  • A growing GVA of �64.6bn, up from �61.4bn in 2013
  • A workforce of 1.4million
  • 230 hectares of Enterprise Zones with excellent connectivity
  • Fastest rate of private sector jobs growth rate in the UK, at six per cent
  • A transition to a knowledge-based economy at a faster rate than anywhere else

�It all contributes to the right conditions for FDI. Perform Group, US-owned digital sports content specialist featured in the EY report, invested in Leeds City Region because they found the �right attitude and the right location�.

�Not included in the report but further signifiers of momentum in the City Region economy include landmark investments in Leeds from FTSE-listed Burberry and Sky, and a commitment to opening a new facility in York by US-owned bio-pharm leader Covance.

�The future looks bright, our talent pipeline is strong made-up of digital natives, more under 16s than anywhere else and our under 21 population is growing. We have a strong collaborative LEP who has aligned our workforce strategy with the needs of employers ensuring digital skills match future business growth. With your help, we�re confident we can maintain this momentum.�