4 of the best digital products made in the Leeds City Region

Discover the digital and technology products and inventions that come from our region.

6 January 2020

Motion Pictures, Cluedo, Warburtons… there are many great things this region has brought to the world. But it’s not all board games and baked goods. There are many digital and technology products and inventions too.

NHS patient app by NHS Digital and mHabitat
This clever app gives patients instant access to their medical records as well as letting you book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions at the touch of a button. Made in Leeds and rolled out across the UK last summer.
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Smart home security by Cocoon
This AI-powered alarm system detects unusual movement in your home and alerts you immediately, and it does so via a neat little portable device that can be tucked away without the need for pesky wires and extra sensors. Developed by Leeds-based startup Cocoon in 2014, the product has been featured on The Times, Forbes, The Guardian and Tech Crunch and is stocked by Amazon, B&Q and Selfridges.
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Smart rings by NFC Ring
Ever wished you could store and share content, make contactless payments, and unlock doors without having to carry your phone, cards and keys? That’s exactly what this technology made in Bradford enables you to do.
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Spine database by NHS Digital
Leeds-based NHS Digital was the driving force behind Spine, the central database for all patient records. The system, which went live in 2014, connects 23,000 healthcare IT systems in 20,500 organisations and it has transformed the way healthcare professionals access patient information.
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