Sam Weller & SDC Enterprises

As an independent mill, Sam Weller has complete autonomy over its entire weaving process. From the smallest concepts in textile design to national projects, Sam Weller can adapt its processes to respond to all types of client queries quickly and efficiently. Samples can be created to a range of specifications with regards to weave, construction, weight, and finish.

SDC Enterprises (SDCE) is a name familiar to textile testing professionals worldwide. As the manufacturer and supplier of premium test consumables for use in BS, EN, and ISO test procedures, SDCE is the name specified by leading apparel brands and retailers seeking the highest levels of accuracy and consistency in testing before they put their brand name to their fabrics.

SDCE’s product range has become the international standard for ISO textile test procedures. As the textiles trade becomes increasingly globalised - and consumer expectation for quality rises accordingly - it has never been more imperative to standardise the colour fastness, strength, and performance of fabrics for apparel on a global scale.

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The industry is evolving, and Sam Weller prides itself on combining its extensive heritage with ongoing innovation. The company has played its part in chapter after chapter of the textile innovation story, from the production of super-tightly woven fabric with natural water repellent properties, to the manufacture of high-strength, stab-resistant textiles used in protective outerwear. Whatever the project, Sam Weller weaves a new standard in fabrics, putting Leeds City Region at the heart of textile excellence.

Mark Yare, Managing Director, Sam Weller and SDC Enterprises