Arville Group

Arville Group provide customers with an integrated textile design and manufacturing service. A privately-owned business, Arville Group was founded in 1954 to specialise in the weaving of synthetic fibres.

Within the Arville Group there is the expertise to design, weave, finish, coat and fabricate technical woven textiles. This expertise, coupled with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, allows them to work with customers to design and develop bespoke textile solutions that meet specific performance requirements. Arville Group weave and coat many fibre types, ranging from cottons, nylons, and polyester, through to Kevlar, Nomex, vectran and dyneema.

With a customer base that encompasses over 50 countries around the world, the products and services are utilised across a wide range of applications, including within the aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical, automotive, and food industries.

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Case study - Special Forces kayaks

Arville Group designed, developed, and produced a fabric for a supplier of foldable kayaks for special forces and the leisure industry. The customer required a lightweight, high strength, flexible fabric that was capable of having a camouflage print applied and coated to become waterproof.  Arville Group designed a triple layer fabric, using a dyneema core to provide the strength required and a polyester outer layer that was receptive to printing and waterproof coatings.  They apply a coating at their in-house coating plant in order to deliver a complete solution to the customer, simplifying their supply chain and increasing their speed to market.

We are at the forefront of helping leading aerospace and automotive manufacturers reduce weight in their aircraft and vehicles. We are producing an innovative fabric which allows aircraft to be designed with greater seating densities at lower weight, improving fuel efficiencies per passenger mile, and allows electric cars to be produced with more compact seats to accommodate the extra height of the floor plans needed to accommodate the battery packs required.

Jim Wright, Managing Director, Arville Group