Advanced Dyeing Solutions

Advanced Dyeing Solutions (Roaches International)

Roaches International is a global leader in the field of textile performance testing instruments and dyeing machines. The business operates through a network of agents located in key countries around the world, exporting to more than 30 countries.

Roaches International manufacture machines on site at their facility in Leeds City Region, utilising many local Yorkshire businesses within their supply chain. Manufacturing in the region allows Roaches to remain extremely competitive whilst receiving the best UK based engineering excellence needed for their instruments. The team is small and highly skilled, allowing very fast response times to customer requirements and the implementation of new technology.

Once this technology has been fully released into the marketplace, the possibilities are huge. Not only will this be used for comparison of textile properties globally, but we also see interest from online retailers who would like to be able to accurately display the way that a particular fabric drapes on a person.

Sean O’Neill, Managing Director, Advanced Dyeing Solutions (Roaches International)

Working in partnership with the Future Fashion Factory, Advanced Dyeing Solutions is currently developing a new digital fabric evaluation system which measures the tactile properties of a textile fabric. This is then relayed over the internet, building an accurate reproduction and an immersive visualisation for a customer in a different location.
This example of digital communication of aesthetics, when commercialised, could reduce the need for excessive sampling in the textile and fashion industry, as well as the time and resources involved in building a global customer base. As a result, it has the potential to slash costs, improve sustainability through reduced waste, and reduce product development lead times.