Peak Communications

Peak Communications, based in Brighouse design, manufacture, and supply high quality commercial satellite communications radio frequency equipment.

Peak Communications is a wholly UK based designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high quality commercial satellite communications radio frequency equipment with over 28 years of expertise in the field. The company began in the garage of its founder and is now based in a modern manufacturing facility in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Peak Communications is a major supplier of a wide range of communications products, including frequency converters (agile, block and fixed frequency), automatic uplink power controller (AUPC’s), beacon receivers, TLT’s, software defined radio units (SDR) and other satellite earth station radio frequency infrastructure equipment. They work with companies in sectors including Space, telecoms, TV, communications, mobile phone operation, infrastructure, aviation, emergency services, science and medical and its customers include major telecommunications companies, system integrators and satellite users around the world, such as Airbus, BT, Vodafone, Intelsat, BBC, SES, NASA, JPL,

Peak Communications performs all functions “in house” - from research and design through to procurement, assembly, test, quality assurance, sales and servicing/support, providing an integrated solution for all its customers including many international blue chip clients.

It makes high end products with great longevity (at least 15 years) which function well even in the harshest of environments. Typically, its products can withstand extreme temperatures in both hot and cold environments (-40 to +70 degrees Celsius) and products have mean time between failure figures exceeding 100k hours. 

The AUPC product, which maintains a stable signal power level to the satellite regardless of changing weather and atmospheric conditions is useful in the Far East where there is a susceptibility to monsoon and other more extreme weather conditions. Peak has supplied BT with AUPC’s to facilitate the broadcasting of sporting events in Asia to help ensure uninterrupted coverage. The company has also developed a special scintillation facility offering rapid compensation changes to cope with instantaneous atmospheric related events.

We believe that there are real opportunities for frequency converter products, to support existing GEO Satellite operators and users along with emerging LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellations with equipment for gateways, as a contributor to satisfying the ever-increasing demands for broadband and all its uses worldwide.

Peak Communications products are typically made from standard modules and can be configured or modified to suit customer specific applications. Peak Communications can also assist with special projects including system and sub-system design work, as well as a custom build facility.