With a base in Leeds, Filtronic’s products transmit, receive and condition radio signals, particularly at microwave and mmWave frequencies.

Filtronic is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-performance radio frequency components and sub-systems.

Their products transmit, receive and condition radio signals, at microwave and mmWave frequencies for telecommunications infrastructure, aerospace, space, test and measurement, and critical communications. Terrestrial and non-terrestrial mission-critical communication networks use Filtronic systems and components for backhaul communications, and Filtronic work with the world’s largest tech companies to enable the future of radio frequency communications.  Filtronic was awarded the Queen’s Award for export in 2022 for their contribution to the deployment of 5G networks worldwide.

Filtronic was set up at the University of Leeds and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a reputation for innovation. Their UK-based engineering team is responsible for a product portfolio of customised and off-the-shelf products, including transmit and receive modules, power amplifiers, transceivers, MCPs, SIPs and filters, these products operate across the radio frequency spectrum from 300MHz to 114GHz in critical communication markets.

Filtronic push the boundaries for high frequency radio frequency design and is a major mmWave technology provider to the non-terrestrial and near space ‘HAPS and LEO Space’ market. In addition to delivering the first 40Gbps stratosphere-to-ground link, they developed the world's first commercial E-Band earth station antenna, which has been essential for opening up 5G performance and ultra-low latency for the Satcom industry.

We are agile with a flat hierarchy and quick decision making which enables the fast development of new products and systems. We want to be an innovator, a technology leader.

Filtronic is an expert in delivering highly integrated Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) improvements, fundamental for the new space era that will drive the economy of tomorrow. One of their core missions is to help bridge the digital divide, and their roadmap includes a suite of products that will enable satellite communications to deliver the full promise of 5G and beyond to everyone, everywhere.