Adtran offer an innovative product line of software and hardware-based communications solutions.

Most industries today require bandwidth in volumes that were once unimaginable. From financial institutions to new-media companies, and from R&E organisations to service providers who enable connectivity across the board, Adtran has succeeded in addressing this demand. That’s because its platforms enable networks that deliver the fastest speeds, highest capacity and unrivalled agility.

This need for connectivity is shared across industry verticals and across continents. While networks are adapting to enable more advanced data transmission approaches, the fundamental need for access to that data remains. Organisations must transport data to locations both far and near, and they rely on their networks to keep them connected at all times.

This 24/7 requirement for network connectivity underpins the Adtran ethos. Adtran employs over 3,000 professionals around the globe who have developed an understanding that networks must enable always-on applications that fuel their industries and keep businesses operational.

Adtran constantly innovates and launches world-leading technology, such as its latest Oscilloquartz optical cesium atomic clock solution, providing unprecedented protection for critical network infrastructure systems that rely on synchronisation from GNSS. It offers a vital lifeline to time-as-a-service (TaaS) and GNSS-backup-as-a-service (GBaaS) providers, communication network operators, power utilities, financial institutions and transportation network operators looking to mitigate the risk of jamming and spoofing attacks. As a GBaaS solution, the OSA 3350 SePRC™ provides a backup to satellite-based synchronisation. In case of connectivity loss, it maintains time accurate to +/-100ns for 55 days, helping prevent severe harm to businesses and society when protracted GNSS outages occur. The new device will enable synchronisation and position, navigation and timing (PNT) applications for the most robust PNT solution on the market.