Utterberry create novel and innovative technology to develop smarter, more informed and more reactive environments. Their Leeds base focuses on manufacturing and innovation.

UtterBerry is an innovative and multi award-winning UK-based technology and R&D company, and the provider of the artificially intelligent UtterBerry Smart Sensor System. UtterBerry creates novel, future-facing technology and develops smarter, more informed and reactive environments. Utterberry’s innovative technology includes security and crowd monitoring at sporting venues, and sub-millimetre infrastructure sensing on large scale construction projects.

UtterBerry’s technology provides practical support within the space sector to the rapidly evolving earth observatory and smart cities agenda with its many applications in rail, river and tidal, street infrastructure, building infrastructure, security, medical monitoring, sports performance and agriculture.

They are attuned problem solvers, providing whole system solutions for their clients including Crossrail, Tideway and Singapore Land Transport Authority. Their systems have been used with great effect to wirelessly measure and monitor the integrity and extent of displacement in major infrastructure projects. They recently installed 5G connection at Raglan Castle in Wales, providing visitors with enhanced castle and exhibit interactivity and creating an immersive tourism experience.

Our systems have been used with great effect to wirelessly measure and monitor the integrity in major infrastructure projects.

UtterBerry is the only company to measure multiple environmental factors; including displacement, tilt, vibration, leaks, and more without using lasers. The patented low power wireless sensors self-calibrate to form a mesh network and relay data between each other. The sensors measure multiple measurands to sub-millimetre accuracy and feature onboard data processing and artificial intelligence. Users receive real time data and data predictions, enabling decisions to be made based on current and future conditions.