Slingshot Simulations

Slingshot Simulations delivers insights from cutting edge data science.

Slingshot Simulations is a place-based decision intelligence company applying cutting edge digital solutions to help their customers accelerate their journey to net zero transition and build climate resilience.

Their decision intelligence-as-a-service software solution, ‘Compass: EngineTM’, addresses three critical challenges organisations face:

  • Tackling the data deluge: By linking and contextualising previously disconnected data sets.
  • Breaking down analytic siloes: Using integrated modelling and simulation across domains.
  • Rapidly sifting policy scenarios at scale: With cloud computing and advanced data science.

With ‘Compass: EngineTM’ Slingshot Simulations’ customers can address complex and urgent place-based questions, make better more holistic decisions faster and at lower cost and engage critical stakeholders earlier in the decision-making process.

The focus of our company is place based data and the emerging and growing expansion of UK sourced space data is a very exciting development from our perspective that will contribute to our strategic growth.