BJSS deliver world class technology solutions from one of their UK bases in Leeds.

For three decades, BJSS has delivered high-quality, world-class technology solutions to the world’s leading companies, including complex enterprise software, by aligning engineering, advanced technology, user-focused design, and a collaborative delivery approach that has been recognised by multiple awards.

BJSS works with its clients to develop intelligent, user-centric products, making use of computer vision, natural language processing, statistical learning, machine learning, and deep learning to optimise business processes, forecast future outcomes, or improve customer engagement. Using MLOps, BJSS delivers AI, machine learning, and data science solutions for its clients to rapidly deliver value using robust software engineering, DevOps, Agile, and Lean practices. This proven approach removes the challenges of deploying AI in production and gives confidence that data and models remain secure and accurate.

We pride ourselves on being technology agnostic and focussing on delivering innovate and best-in-class solutions.

BJSS implements modern BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, QuickSight, and Qlik, and applies user experience and design thinking to ensure the data’s end user remains at the core of the solution. The increase in earth observatory data is increasingly being factored into BJSS’ strategy in supporting its clients to optimise their data.