Relocating to Leeds City Region

Many businesses have relocated, expanded or set up new operations in the Leeds City Region with help from Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.

How Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership can help you

With access to hard economic facts, case studies from leading companies and business support packages available, find out how we can help you make the case for investing in Leeds City Region. Contact our experts for more information. All of our services are complementary, confidential and tailored to your needs.

Our expertise has supported Burberry, Channel 4, Reed Smith, PWC, AND Digital and Premier Farnell to relocate or grow their businesses in the Leeds City Region.

A soft-landing for business

Our step-by-step soft-landing package guides businesses through important start-up activities like access to sites and premises, and sourcing customers and suppliers, as well as making the most of our culture and Leeds City Region unique quality of life.

It is designed to give businesses a competitive edge from the moment they arrive, whether they’re looking to implement a small-scale trial, the expansion of existing operations, or a full-scale business relocation to the Leeds City Region, to test the economic environment.

We also offer fact-finding visits, presentations and orientation tours with itinerates that can cover everything from business issues and support to settling into the area, including schools, housing and leisure. These are an invaluable resource for staff and their families relocating from overseas or from elsewhere in the UK.

Business relocation

At Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership we have access to extensive networks of property developers and agents. We offer free commercial property searches for office, industrial and retail premises, making it easier for businesses to understand what locations are available to them.

Our site assessment and selection service can help businesses evaluate and analyse suitable options, based on factors like connectivity, value and talent, depending on their individual needs.

Flexible office space

With work becoming increasingly mobile and connected, many businesses are looking to the flexibility that lease-free office space provides. As part of our soft-landing package, we can help identify flexible working space and have partners that set up communication, desks and conference space to hold meetings – all the essentials for organising a flawless migration or expansion into the Leeds City Region.

A single point of contact

All communication goes through a dedicated account manager at Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, who understands each businesses’ needs and stays up-to-date on the progress of each particular project.

Also backing every investment project is a capable business support team with individual strengths in a particular sector, or knowledge of a specific region. This means each project benefits from their relevant insight and advice.