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06 Apr 2017

The crucial role of the digital sector to the economic growth of Leeds City Region will be highlighted in a number of events during the coming months including:

Innovate Finance Global Summit

Leeds City Region alongside partners from Leeds City Council, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, York City Council and Harrogate District Council will be underlining its position as the ‘FinTech Capital of the North’, with its attendance at the Innovate Finance Global Summit in London on 10-11 April. This event builds upon the region’s attendance at FinTech Connect Live in 2016 which has lead to a number of new enquiries for the region which are currently being followed up, and recent articles by Roger Marsh OBE Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, highlighting the strengths of the sector within the region and the competitive advantages it offers to growing FinTech businesses.


The Leeds Digital Festival 2017

The Leeds Digital Festival will return in 2017, on 22 to 29 April, with 80 events scheduled including the FinTech North conference which will further position the City Region as an attractive destination for this growing subsector. Leeds City Region is working with the organisers of both of the festival and inparticular the FinTech North conference to help raise the region’s profile within the digital sector both nationally and internationally after seeing a growing number of enquires from the sector over the last 12 months.

Alongside this the festival will also feature events targeted at both digital natives and newbies, showcasing the best of the digital community in the City and wider City Region. Current speakers include the Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy MP, Marcus East, the Global Digital Director of Marks & Spencer, and Col Needham, the CEO and founder of IMDB, one of the world’s most successful websites.